007 Gets An i8 i Series

Bond. James Bond.

We all remember what it was like to imagine we were the most famous MI6 Secret Not-So-Secret Agent. He was cool, suave, had all the ladies swooning and had devilish good looks. He was also famous for driving an Aston Martin.

Now though, it seems one incarnation of 007 at least has warmed up to the idea of owning a BMW.

Pierce Brosnan was James Bond from Tomorrow Never Dies to Die Another Day, and was considered by many to be one of the coolest actors to play the role, second only to Sean Connery. Recently, he got a new BMW i8, officially making the star a fellow Bimmer.

Adding to the awesome aspects of Brosnan (at least for us) is the fact that he drove BMW cars in Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough, breaking away from the usual arsenal of vehicles that the series is known for. As mentioned, the James Bond movies were practically blockbuster advertisements for the Aston Martin brand.

For TND, 007 drove the BMW 750i and in TWINE, he drove the Z8. This, along with many other movies that showcased the brand either in the movies themselves or through promotional materials that used the popularity of the films, brought BMW back to Hollywood.

Coming back to Pierce Brosnan though, his choice to get the i8 certainly gives him plenty to look forward to. Sure, AM might be the brand that has become synonymous with the word “cool” but this BMW variant gives any model from the line a run for its money.

Using a plug-in hybrid system, the BMW i8 has efficiency going for it, which one might certainly argue is a cool thing to have in this day and age. This becomes even cooler thanks to the turbocharged, three-cylinder BMW twin power turbo petrol engine. Fuel economy, meet overwhelming power. Then there’s the BMW eDrive feature of an electric drive system.

Topping 231 horsepower, the 1.5L, combustion engine makes the rear wheels go on a road burning spree while the electric drive that contributes 131 horsepower makes the front wheels complicit in helping you blast through speed limits.

If ever there was a car that James Bond would drive to catch the bad guy, the i8 will do the job extremely well.

For the price of the 2015 BMW i8, it runs for around $136,500 in the U.S., not including the potential $950 fee for Handling and Delivery. You can get the hybrid sports car along with 4 packages. We have Giga, Tera, Purse Impulse and Mega. It also comes in 4 colors for the exterior, namely Protonic Blue, Sophisto Grey, Ionic Silver and Crystal White.

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