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The latest 2016 G11/12 BMW Series 7 is here and already the excitement is ready to burst through the surface, mostly because now the contest is on with Audi and Mercedes-Benz aiming to dominate the market. So where do our bets stand in the race? Based on the features, it’s in a very good place.

Looking at new features like the air suspension and a plug-in hybrid variant, there is definitely the intention to rule the roost, technology wise. There is also the segment as a whole where the wireless charging and gesture control for the infotainment system are well on hand to make the line a clear contender for the throne.

On that note, we’re not here to talk about those features, at least not yet. For now, let’s focus on the exterior offers that come with the latest 7 series so that you’ll have a taste of how far BMW has taken the concept of luxury.


We’ve already talked about how BMW is aiming to make their newest 7 series the most technologically and luxuriously appealing choices in the market. This commitment extends to the exterior features as well, starting with the reduced weight of their 7 series through the use of high-end materials, including CFRP, aluminium and magnesium. This has made each variant light and strong, stiffening the structure of the luxury cars so that they feel solid and powerful.

For the design of the car itself, it’s quite clear that we have an evolution more than a revolution compared to previous versions. The body looks tighter overall and crisper with it. The kidney grilles are sure to make an impression the most thanks to the LED lights seeming to flow right out of them, creating a striking image that will catch the attention of practically any bystander. Adding to that effect is the lower and leaner hood, giving it a more assertive and sporty look.

BMW also added an air breather to their new line – quite atypical of the company, though not altogether unwelcome.

Coming to the rear, we continue the theme of a leaner, more toned body. This is a huge improvement to the previous design which seemed to be the car version of an overweight, has-been celebrity. Now we have a revival and even the taillights seem to follow the trend by becoming narrower.

Overall, the newest 7 series is a huge improvement over the old and smarter about it.

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