3 BMW Motorcycles Win Awards News

BMW and awards. Those are two words that go together so often that it’s almost expected. Even so, every victory by our favorite brand is something to celebrate simply because it means we have made the right choice. This time though, instead of cars, the awardees are motorcycles.

Motorcyclist Magazine awarded three models from BMW Motorrad with their Model of the Year Awards for their 2015 issue. What makes this development even more exciting is that only BMW has been able to snag 3 awards in one year in the history of the magazine. That’s not exactly surprising in itself though, but it’s still great to here. If there are any motorcycle enthusiasts among you on top of being fans of BMW, you might want to pay attention to the following models.

For the specifics, we have the best selling model of the brand which is the R1200 GS. As you might have guessed from the name, this baby goes for 1200 cc and has been awarded the “Best Adventure Bike” award by the magazine. The editors’ notes went on to say, “Many other manufacturers have tried to peel back the BMW GS’s headlock on this category”. As this award has proven, that is yet to be achieved.

Moving on to the motorcycle model that earned the magazine’s “Best Sportbike” award, we have the S1000 RR which was so well-received that it was just crazy. Aside from the power output of this bike which was, by all accounts staggering, the magazine’s notes went like this, “it’s also the most civil superbike available and without a doubt the best daily rider in the class”. That’s some high praise right there.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why this bike looks so familiar, the movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation features it in the film as well as their posters. The bike’s presence was such that it nearly took away attention from the star of the movie itself, Tom Cruise.

Finally, we have the R1200 RT which look significantly different from the other models because this bike was built more for endurance and comfort. As such, the magazine awarded it as the “Best Touring Bike” which we could not agree with more. As for the opinions of the editors, they said, “We have an unreasonable man-crush on anything with BMW’s new liquid-cooled engine.”

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