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Which car should I buy?

Are you looking for a new car, and thinking of a new BMW? We would like to suggest a couple cars we think are specials. But first, we would like to introduce ourselves as the 2 of the biggest BMW fans on this planets. But note, that does not suggest that we only like BMWs. The three cars we suggest are the Ford Galaxy, Toyota Auris and the BMW X4.

The Ford Galaxy

Especially for the ones who are having a big family, the Ford Galaxy is quite practical. Not only does the Ford Galaxy has plenty of space to drive more than 5 people, it is also possible to create extra space in the back if you’re going on a holiday or want to transport stuff. The seven-seater is really comfortable and has a good range of 2.0 TDCI diesel engine.

Toyota Auris station automatic

The compact and estate car looks far much sharper than his predecessor. The Toyota Auris has neatly pressed lines and has a V-shaped nose which give the car a special identity. Thereby, the Toyota Auris has low claimed CO2 emissions. The Toyota Auris is available as a hybrid, petrol and diesel engines. Personally, we think the hybrid is the best buy.


If you’re thrilled to be driving the new BMW X4, we’re too. The BMW X4 is a coupé version of the BMW X3 that’s very slightly longer. The car combines the robustness of an X model with the clenched power of a sportscar.

Renting a car to make your final choice

If you’re not sure yet, it is also possible to rent those cars beforehand. By renting the cars you’re considering, you can easily try them and decide which car works better for you. You do not have to rent a car for nothing. If you’re going on a trip in the Netherlands, you can easily choose one of those cars at the car rental amsterdam airport or car rental eindhoven airport. Which car do you think is better? We would love to know what you think!

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