3 Series Sedan Or GT? 3 Series

Getting a BMW when the opportunity arises is pretty much a given and the 3 Series is the best selling class of the German company. However, with so many variants to choose from, how do you know which one to get?

For those who might not be aware, the 3 Series includes such variants as the Sedan, Wagon and GT class. They can all come with all wheel drive and are also available with several engine options. This makes choosing between them a matter of preference, though that’s not necessarily that easy in the case of the sedan and the GT.
Now, when choosing between the GT and the sedan, one has to consider the intent behind the class. A sedan is meant to meet daily essential such as space, comfort and convenience. The only difference between the 3 Series sedan and other sedans is that it is a BMW and that comes with luxury perks. More than that, this sedan has quite the trunk space.

Coming to the performance of this vehicle, you can’t deny that it does go for the practical approach. It handles quite smoothly thanks to its smaller size and shorter wheelbase, along with the lower center of gravity. Compared to the GT, the sedan has the edge there. Aside from that, there’s the price difference to consider since the sedan is much cheaper.

As for the 3 Series GT, well, this is a vehicle that was made for the open road where you can really let it rip. It’s got a longer wheel base than the sedan, so you are going to have a lot of control over it when it comes to running at high speeds down a long stretch of lonely road. The interior space has the sedan beat since it gives you more leg room as well as more room to put your stuff in. More than that, it’s also got the xDrive which is perfect for when the going gets rough and control usually becomes an issue.

So, looking at the pros and cons, the sedan has the advantage of price and handling while the 3 Series offers more on the performance front and certainly offers more space. Considering those factors, it really is all just a matter of preference in terms of which to choose.

However, we’ve been ignoring the 3 Series Wagon this whole time and that’s kind of a mistake since this is the better choice for an all-around satisfactory vehicle. In te end though, it’s up to you.

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