3 Series, Still The Best? 3 Series

For the longest time, the BMW 3 Series has been considered the best in the category of sports sedans and for decades, nothing came close to even nudging it off the top post. However, there seems to be some worthy competition finally as the car makers that were never even considered rivals to start with are making bold moves.

Take the results of the recent test done by Motor Trend for example, where the BMW 335i M Sports was pitted against the Jaguar XE S. This might disappoint you a bit (as it did us) but their verdict was that the Jaguar was the sportier vehicle of the two. On the other hand, Motor Trend did mention the age of the Bimmer and that the XE S was simply fresher in comparison.

Of course, Motor Trend has a right to their opinion and they could very well be right. Without doing the test for ourselves, it can be difficult to assess the accuracy of their claim. Still, this is not the biggest threat facing the 3 Series. Rather, it’s the emergence of competitors that seem eager to dethrone the king.

Normally, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are the brands that come to mind when talking about worthy competition against the Bavarian company. After all, they hold a high place in the luxury car market as well. These days though, even Cadillac, Lexus and Jaguar are starting to sound their horns.

This would have been unlikely in the past as the three brands were not exactly well-received in the luxury sports sedan circle, even going so far as to consider them as jokes. Now though, they have such cars as the ATS, IS350 F-Sport and of course, the XE S that can put up a real fight.

For the part of Audi and Mercedes-Benz, they are releasing their own powerhouse models with the A4 and C Class respectively, both of which are expected to perform strongly in the segment. Faced with these odds, can the 3 Series keep its title as the best? It could with the LCI F30 3 Series.

BMW claims that the LCI will blow the competition right out of the water and retain its place. Still, this is not at all a sure thing since the reviews coming in seem mixed at best. On the other hand, BMW has proven its worth time and again, so they might just pull this off!

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