7 Series Against The S Class? 7 Series

As Bimmers, we like to think that our brand of choice is the best around and that nothing in the world can compete in terms of luxury, performance or value. However, that is a very narrow point of view and a dangerous one to have when comparing one car to another, at least as far as your satisfaction levels go. After all, people tend to have an overreaction to news that their favourite thing is not the best in the world.

This applies most distinctly with the comparison of the new BMW 7 Series to the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Feedback all over the internet has been particularly slanted in favour of the S Class, and as BMW enthusiasts, this is pretty hard to swallow. As with all things however, it’s all in your perspective and there is definitely something to looking at things a different way to feel better about it.

What The 7 Series Is About

Much of the problem with regards to how people view the 7 Series and S Class rivalry is because both vehicles belong in the luxury category. They are the bestselling lines in their class, so of course people are going to take the simplistic approach.

Now though, it seems there has been a shift in the priority between both brands. For the S Class, it’s all about giving passengers that feel of complete luxury. They are coddled, comforted and treated like royalty. Travelling doesn’t even come with any stress or pressure.

The 7 Series, on the other hand, is a line that was meant to be technologically and mechanically superior. What you have is a vehicle that still holds to its luxury roots, but has put a lot of emphasis on power, gadgetry, speed theme and the encouragement to push limits.

You will immediately notice this when you get behind the wheel of the 7 Series, wherein it becomes obvious that you are meant to drive this vehicle, and drive it hard. The aerodynamics, chassis powertrain technology and amenities all want you to give your trip a little spice.

This is a completely different approach to the S Class wherein the goal is to get you to your destination, easily, quietly and without a hair standing on end. Compare that to the electrifying journey that you get with the 7 Series and you can see where people seem to be getting the wrong impression from.

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