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One of the most underappreciated yet necessary parts to a vehicle are the taillights. These often red-tinted aspects are what you are likely to see the most when it comes to other cars as well since you will be looking at the rear of a vehicle whenever you go out driving. That is why apart from appreciating the engine, wheels, interior and whatever else of BMW machines, it’s worth looking at taillights as well.

In this piece, we’ll be ranking which taillights in various BMW models are the best in terms of aesthetic qualities. This is not in any way measured in objective terms, but rather, simply through the opinion of the author.

Z8 Taillights

Perhaps the most perfectly suited taillights in this list in terms of its effects on the car’s design, the taillights of the Z8 are definitely among the best in the line. With the car blending old and new sports design, the narrow, thin taillights perfectly reflect what the car’s designers were going for.

F12 M6 Taillights

This fresh design that BMW put into action with their 6 series made their taillights and headlights all the more attractive. With them being both narrow as well as wide, they bring more attention to the car which already had plenty of that going for it to begin with. This highlights the aggressive look of the car as well.

F10 M5

The prominent feature of this generation’s 5 series is actually its hindquarters, making the taillights simply worthy additions to a car that you’ll happily stare at for hours from behind. Incidentally, it seems as if the rear of the car is staring back thanks to how big the taillights are along with the width. This provides the vehicle an upgrade in attitude as well, speaking for itself.


The Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED of the F82 M4 makes this already exciting vehicle even more so, multiplied by a thousand. With the almost chain linked design of the lights that make it seem as if rectangular gold and rubies were intertwined gives off an unforgettable effect.


Now we’ve come to the BMW i8 which offers top notch excitement in terms of car features that the company can offer. By incorporating the taillights into the fender, it highlights the tunnel they created that provides an aerodynamic boost. This makes the taillight design beautiful and functional.

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