BMW And America All Models

America is one of the biggest consumer market of BMW vehicles in the world and this makes sense since the US is among the biggest economies in the world. With that kind of cash base, you’re bound to have consumers gushing over luxury vehicles. As such, it makes sense to look at the relationship between BMW and the US, even going further than the usual fare of tidbits.

So, for the first thing about the US-BMW relationship, we have the major manufacturing facility that the German company has which is found in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Then, we have the fact that this year is the 40th anniversary for BMWs victory back in 1975 at Sebring. Back then, Brian Redman was given control of the 3.0 CSL racer and won the race, thereby making sure that BMW as well as its Motorsport Division will become the great segment of the auto world that they are. At the time, BMWs were not that popular among the consumer base in America. It was even thought that BMW is short for Bavarian Motor Works which of course it didn’t. Shortly after their victory in the race however, the company saw sales soar in North America as Americans took notice, which was what BMW was aiming for all along.

From that point onward, BMW has been a staple in the American auto industry and has become the most sought after brand for luxury vehicles as well as performance automobiles. Basically, America has become the most important market for BMW because it is one of the biggest. The company’s move to open a manufacturing plant in Spartanburg is a huge sign that the company aims to make its relationship with its American base even stronger. As for the features of the facility, it produces BMW X SUV models, has its own test track and driving school and even helps consumers learn all about using their xDrive vehicles. This shows just how dedicated the company is to Bimmers.

Ironically, BMW was the company that made engines for planes piloted by Nazis during WWII so from that perspective, it is rather surprising that BMW and America have such a good relationship. Of course, that’s all in the past now since BMW has become a major proponent for forward movement. It doesn’t seem as if the fondness of Americans with BMW cars is waning either so their good relationship is set to stand the test of time.

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