BMW Best In Luxury Class Cars? All Models

BMW owns Rolls Royce, making the Bavarian company the proud provider of some of the best luxury cars in the world in several fronts. Naturally, other car makers have their own branch luxury brands with Audi’s Bentley and Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach as some examples. Mercedes also owns a part of Aston Martin, and the relevance of that will be clear in a bit. For reasons you’ll find below though, BMW can give consumers the best deals out of the other options in the market.

First off, we have the Aston Martin DB11 which is a spruced up model to be sure, but its use of the COMMAND controller wheel that can be found in many of Mercedes’ lineup makes the luxury aspect a little dampened. The same can be said about the Bentley Continental GT which makes use of a shift gate that an old Audi A4 uses.

One can certainly say that with the trim, design and the roster of other interior, exterior and performance features, these vehicles are significantly superior to other cars. After all, these vehicles were made to be among the most luxurious models in the world, even more so than the already lavish root vehicles that they have. The only problem is the fact that such components as mentioned above cheapen the experience significantly, particularly because the customers shelled out a lot of money for a truly luxurious experience.

Compare that to BMW which pretty much lets Rolls Royce do whatever it needs to do since they are very good at their job. As a result, Rolls Royce vehicles never have any BMW components which could diminish the satisfaction of consumers. From the interior design, to the engine, Rolls Royce has had complete control and decisions affecting their vehicles were ultimately left to them.

The point here is that even though Bentley and Aston Martin are cars worthy of notice, you have to acknowledge their effects on the owner’s experience once they find out that they are driving something that has parts from vehicles that are significantly cheaper than they are. This is significantly different from what BMW has to offer where you are basically getting a completely different vehicle from the BMW line. As such, it’s much easier to justify the higher prices and owners will know that they can expect significantly more from the vehicle that will make their driving experience so much more satisfying.


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