BMW Getting Into The Huge Electric Game News

BMW has teamed up with the SCHERM group in order to create a 40-ton truck that runs completely on electricity to move materials on public roads. This truck, which was a model from Terberg a Dutch manufacturer, was successfully tested. It is scheduled to run from the logistics center of the SCHERM group to the Munich plant of BMW Group eight times a day. Some of the things that will be transported using the e-truck are shock absorbers, steering systems, springs and the like.

Using only renewable energy sources to power the truck, BMW Group and the SCHERM group are certainly setting a standard for others to follow. Throw in the fact that the truck is incredibly quiet and there are all sorts of benefits here that would be hard to argue with.

Currently, you need 3 to 4 hours of charging time to power the truck. Once it is charged, the truck can run for up to 100 kilometers. As such, a truck is expected to make the full day’s round without recharging.

According to Ilse Aigner, Minister for Economic Affairs of Bavaria, “Bavaria is a leading industrial and research location. It is crucial that the Bavarian economy is also at the forefront in electric mobility. BMW is making an important contribution to this and is showing that you can succeed on the global market with sustainable products made by innovative companies.”

The head of the BMW Group plant in Munich, Herman Bohrer said, “With our electric truck, we are sending another strong signal for sustainable urban mobility. We are contributing to reducing emissions in the city and are proud to be the first automotive manufacturer in Europe to use an electric truck of this size to transport materials on public roads.”

Head of BMW Group Logistics Jürgen Maidl said, “With this project we will gain valuable information on what will be possible with electric trucks in the future for city logistics. The BMW Group, along with our partner the SCHERM Group, is once again bravely embarking on a new journey and delivering pioneering work.”

Finally, CEO of the SCHERM group Kurt J. F. Scherm stressed that, “As a supplier of transport solutions, it is especially important to us to offer sustainable transport. The electric truck is the first step towards CO2-reduced transport logistics. In addition, this innovative truck is charged with 100% green energy.”

BMW Group views urban mobility, logistics and transport as a potentially lucrative area for the future.

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