BMW i8 And Hydrogen Technology i Series

In this day and age, efficiency and environmental awareness has become a theme that is becoming impossible to ignore. This is particularly true when it comes to cars since consumers want to save on gas expenses while still keeping the awesome performance and handling. As such, not even BMW is immune to the lure of such a tempting market if ever there does become one.

During the 2015 BMW Innovation Days which was held in Miramas, France (the place where BMW’s secret grounds is located), the Bavarian company unveiled many of their most spectacular achievements. Among these are their first attempts at making hydrogen fuel cells which include a BMW i8 of the same technology.

There was also a model that was dubbed the “Batmobile” which the company was set to have a lot of attendants try out. However, due to the fact that the technology used in that particular model was not stable enough, the plan was scrapped in favour of more stable models. Sadder still (at least for those of us who are fans of everything Batman and BMW), the company has no plans to make it purchasable as it is just a test vehicle at the moment.

As for the hydrogen fuel cell technology itself, the project is shared by BMW and Toyota. The pair is aiming for a 2020 completion of workable components.

Now, coming to the special i8 sports that BMW tested out, it had some modifications to the body that made it distinct from regular i8s and it had a matte black paint job. Instead of the kidney grille and fully integrated headlights that are staples to the market i8, the test i8 had a more angular front fascia. To feed air to the radiators mounted at the front, there are two large air intakes. They also got rid of the intricate taillights, instead favouring a more simplistic approach.

This i8 has an additional hydrogen storage system and fuel cell technology, which makes sense of course since the car does run on hydrogen tech. At the rear of regular i8 models is a 1.5L, 3-cylinder engine, but for this version, it has the fuel stack.

As is only to be expected of a prototype in its early stages though, there is nothing particularly special about the interior of this test model where the parts were takes from various models of BMW. Luxury is not needed yet.

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