BMW Is Third In JD Power’s APEAL Study All Models

When it comes to marketing vehicles, having the backing of prestigious awards allow for an easier time of convincing people that your model is worth buying. You would think that BMW doesn’t need this because…let’s face it, it’s BMW. Who doesn’t want a BMW?

Still, there is something to be said about the company having a high rank in things like the JD Power’s APEAL Study wherein it is determined how gratifying a certain vehicle is to have. The highest score goes up to 1000 and in 2015, BMW got an 854 score, making it the third most gratifying premium brand to own.

The fact that BMW is considered a gratifying premium brand to own is not at all surprising to us Bimmers, or to anyone for that matter because it simply is. The company has had decades to show how good of a brand it is, and it shoes. What is surprising ( at least to us) is that it landed only in third place.

Porsche took the first place simply because, out of the many vehicles that are available for the greater public to own, it is probably the only company able to compete with BMW. However, Jaguar getting second place with a score of 855.

Now, Jaguars are fine vehicles as far as their luxury aspects go and they certainly offer plenty of incredible feature. Unfortunately, reliability and quality of build are not its strong suits, which are really important when it comes to determining the satisfaction of owners. For years, owners of Jags have complained about their cars breaking down and with door trims falling off.

What may have made the difference this time though is the F-Type which is an undeniably incredible vehicle, so perhaps this really isn’t all the surprising when it comes right down to it.

So coming to the ranking of BMW as third on the study, this is still further proof that the brand has earned the dedication and passion of its fan base where Bimmers like us always enjoy getting behind the wheel of any BMW. Still, perhaps BMW needs to step up its game now that Jaguar has come to steal the scene from the Bavarian company. After all, if something like the Jag can turn things around and beat out such competitors as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Audi, it has to be doing something right. That something might just be what BMW needs to get to the top again.

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