BMW M4 Gets A Boost M Series

You know how, when you get something really special, somebody goes ahead and makes it even more special? Yeah, that’s what happened recently to a BMW M4 Coupe DTM Champion Edition. The vehicle itself is already something that practically anyone can envy, simply because of how rare it is, but when you tune it up to make it something truly one of a kind, that’s when you start making other people drool. As Bimmers, we might even go so far as to curse our luck for never having been born under the same star as those folks.

But enough rambling. The BMW M4 Coupe DTM Champion Edition which should always be referred to in its complete form is definitely a rare jewel on the road. It was built in celebration of the victory of Marco Wittmann in DTM. As befitting something that is rare with even the rarest of vehicles though, this gorgeously special M4 was granted only to a handful of individuals. 23 individuals, in fact. This included the champion of DTM. Well, TVW Tuning got their hands on of these babies and the result was simply magnificent as the German company went ahead and created a tuning program specifically for that special M4.

Now, the usual M4 models are nothing to sneeze at as they are particularly gorgeous in and of themselves, there’s no arguing that. However, as with all things, it can always be made better and the M4 DTM Champion Edition has done just that. It came with spectacular 20-inch forged alloy BBS FI wheels that were painted with a black finish. The wheels are then covered with a Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire set that just oozes with awesomeness.

Lowering the vehicle and improving the driving dynamics of the vehicle is one of the things that the tuning shop decided to do and they did so by installing the KW Clubsport coilover suspension. Thanks to the Akrapovic Evolution Line that is made of titanium, the audio aspects also got a huge boost. With the improved exhaust system, you get some savings and you also get an added 17 horsepower to the already powerful twin-turbo, inline, 6-cylinder engine.

Finally, thanks to the combination that consists of a K&N air filter and an added unit for the engine electronics, the M4 that TVW is producing will shell out horsepower that goes for 517 and can reach 700 Newton meters of torque.

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