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In a rather odd turn of events, it would seem that after the unveiling of the BMW M4 GTS concept in Pebble Beach, there have been significant backlash from the Bimmer society. Many are saying that the GTS is nothing more than a prettier version of the current M4 and that it offers nothing new despite what is likely going to be a higher price tag. Some even say that the GTS has lost anything resembling a BMW vehicle, making it closer to what would be featured in the Fast and Furious franchise instead.

So, to at the very least minimize the amount of pessimism that seems to have greeted this concept car, we’ll go through the things that we know will make this an awesome vehicle if everything falls through. To keep everything fair, we won’t be making outlandish claims such as telling you how the car performs since there aren’t any figures to back that yet. However, we can at least extrapolate from the details that we were given and what BMW has shown us in the past.

To start with, let’s look at the things that people seem to take offense with such as the large wing that the GTS is sporting in many photos during the event. The main contention that people have with this is that it makes the vehicle seem like it’s supposed to be a race car but actually isn’t. Firstly, the GTS is certainly meant to be a race car, one that BMW is confident will blaze through the numbers on a proper race track.

Secondly, the wing on the rear is perfectly adjustable, meaning that you can take it off if you want. That would be a shame though since this carbon fiber amenity offers significant downward force enhancement and by all accounts, is far from what you would get from your local car parts store.

The front splitter pretty much does the same thing, as it is manually adjustable and significantly aids with aerodynamics. These aspects are important to note because the increased power of the GTS requires lots and lots of assistance in order to keep driving stable and grounded.

We mentioned last time that this concept vehicle will also come with a water-injection feature to cool the air that will enter the engine which helps a lot in raising torque and horsepower. The GTS is also slated to be lighter than the standard M4, which should give you a pretty explicit idea of what you can expect in terms of speed.

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