BMW MINI Set To Get An Upgrade News

The MINI brand of BMW is set to get a realignment of its strategy and product. This was explained by Peter Schwarzenbauer during the premiere of the new MINI Clubman in Berlin. For those who don’t know, Schwarzenbauer is a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

He states that, “Since its creation in 1959, the MINI brand has always stood for ideas, inspiration and passion. That will not change. The new MINI Clubman is the symbol of our refined brand philosophy: We will concentrate in future on five core models with strong characters. We will open ourselves up to new ideas and new business areas. We will develop the brand’s visual identity. We are expanding our offering into the premium compact class, which will attract new customers and avid MINI fans. I firmly believe that this comprehensive realignment will enable us to continue the MINI brand’s unique success story.”

During the first half of 2015, the MINI reached astounding numbers of sales, even managing to deliver more than 163,000 of the vehicle’s worldwide sales.

Schwarzenbauer explains, “We are heading for the best June in MINI history, meaning our sales will be up more than 20%. We will carry this momentum forward into the second half of the year and I am optimistic that MINI will achieve a new sales high in 2015.”

Back in 2001 when the BMW Group took the MINI under its wings and re-launched it, the sales soared, reaching nearly 500% within the first year. At the present, that record is even higher with it going over 1200% or increasing twelvefold. The group is not content though and they are set to raise the bar higher.

For the latest MINI Clubman – an arguably roomier version of the class – the main angle is to give consumers who like the concept of the MINI but want features that include versatility, comfort and the suitability to be driven on a daily basis combined with the fun and amazing design that the vehicle already has.

The MINI Clubman is scheduled to break through the market and is expected to make record sales. According to forecasts for 2020, 27% of the total premium passenger car market will be of the premium compact segment and BMW means to grab a huge chunk of this through the MINI. Based on their past achievements, this is more than possible.

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