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BMW has had a lot to offer the world when it comes to the kinds of cars that they have produced and the company’s determination to always provide vehicles of incredible quality have propelled it to near legendary status. Now, BMW holds a King’s share of the market when it comes to luxury cars and for good reason. Practically every single model that comes out of their factory line bearing the BMW insignia is practically guaranteed to make the people who buy them understand that they have made the best possible choice.

From the incredible 1 Series to the timeless Z Series, there is something for everybody. As such, there is no shortage of interest when it comes to the models that the company produces and what they are going to come up with next. That’s what we are here to provide you with since, as fellow Bimmers, we want everyone to appreciate what wonderful models and what an awesome company BMW is.

We are also here to make sure that you understand what each model pertains and what their relevance might be to you, personally. After all, the vehicle that you get should be a reflection of your self and your needs.

Japan Gets BMW 340i For Anniversary 3 Series

There are a number of things that Japan has going for it. It’s got a booming economy, an amazing culture, good people and is known for some of the most promising technological innovations in the last few decades. Well, now Japan has another thing that will be totally working for them and that is its launch of the BMW 340i 40th Anniversary Edition car for...

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2016 BMW X1 now have Configuration Option X Series

By going to, owners of the 2016 BMW X1 can now have access to the configuration option that comes with their cars. This should provide owners of the model the convenience that they are looking for so that they won’t need to go to the dealership to get their X1s configured. More interestingly, we have the BMW X1 xDrive28i which will supposedly be an...

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BMW M4 GTS: Some Clarifications M Series

In a rather odd turn of events, it would seem that after the unveiling of the BMW M4 GTS concept in Pebble Beach, there have been significant backlash from the Bimmer society. Many are saying that the GTS is nothing more than a prettier version of the current M4 and that it offers nothing new despite what is likely going to be a higher price...

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New BMW M4 Concept Introduced At Pebble Beach M Series

Once again, BMW has come through with its impressive concept car submissions during the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. This isn’t at all surprising since past events have seen similar accomplishments from the renowned car maker. This time around, we have an incredible new design that might just revolutionize driving. It’s called the M4 GTS. While it is still just a concept car, this particular M4...

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i8 Takes Car Design To The Next Level i Series

When it comes to vehicles, you really have to give credit where credit is due, and this time, credit goes to the designers of the BMW i8. This massively successful model has taken the world by storm and has changed the way people thought about hybrid vehicles. Sure, we might have some issues when it comes to making all of the BMW lineup fully electric,...

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Self-Driving And BMW All Models / News

When it comes to the world of driving, BMW has always maintained a strong position at the top. Their slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” has certainly resonated with many of their most successful vehicles. Of course, there were times when the company would slip and the quality of their products would drop a bit, but it was never more than a minor hiccup until. We...

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What Is BMW European Delivery Option? All Models

As fans of BMW, many of us are excited at the very prospect of owning one. Having a BMW is a bit like having a taste of heaven, only in this case, you can have it as many times as you want. For many Americans, this is an experience that is accessible only through dealerships that dot the country, but is it? Not with European...

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3 Series Sedan Or GT? 3 Series

Getting a BMW when the opportunity arises is pretty much a given and the 3 Series is the best selling class of the German company. However, with so many variants to choose from, how do you know which one to get? For those who might not be aware, the 3 Series includes such variants as the Sedan, Wagon and GT class. They can all come...

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BMW Tests New Idea For EV Charging i Series

Right now, only up to 0.4% of vehicles are electric vehicles in the U.S., but BMW is still pushing for a means of letting those who purchased EV vehicles get the most out of their BMW i3. They are doing this through their i ChargeForward program that they are proposing which will last for 18 months. The idea is simple. They will ask owners of...

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BMW To Produce More Electric Cars? i Series

We have already outlined the reasons for why it would not be a good idea for BMW to go completely electric with their wonderful cars before, and we still stand by all of those points as they pertain in the present conditions of the car market. Those things still have not changed, so the reasons for why it would be best to hold off on...

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