BMW To Produce More Electric Cars? i Series

We have already outlined the reasons for why it would not be a good idea for BMW to go completely electric with their wonderful cars before, and we still stand by all of those points as they pertain in the present conditions of the car market. Those things still have not changed, so the reasons for why it would be best to hold off on completely putting both feet in the electric pond until such time as conditions become more favorable.

Still, there seems to be quite the number of convincing developments in BMW that suggests that they are getting ready to ramp up the creation and production of new electric or hybrid vehicles on top of the ones that they already have now. In the I Series lineup in particular, BMW CEO Harald Krueger recently said that there is certainly room for the addition of more electric models.

He said that, “Between the i3 and the i8, there is space if you look at it from the number point of view.”

He declined to share any more information than that though, but it seems clear that there are at least plans on the way for tackling this matter. There have even been rumors going around for quite a while now that a BMW i5 model that will take on the look the likes of a sedan or a crossover that will be fully electric. If so, it would seem that this model will be the main adversary to fight the Tesla Model S as a fully electric vehicle that pushes the boundary in combining necessity and luxury.

On the topic of rumors that are as of yet unsubstantiated, it was even reported by several news outlets recently that there have been discussions involving a partnership in creating electric vehicles between BMW and Apple. Kreuger himself has spoken about it, indicated that there have been indeed communications between the two companies, discussing car technology.

It’s likely that we’ll be learning more about such developments soon with the reports that BMW will be releasing soon. Aside from information regarding electric vehicle sales, we can hope for additional morsels of hints regarding future developments.

On that note, there’s no denying that any move by BMW to become more eco-friendly is great news since electric vehicles are definitely more environmentally responsible than combustion engines. We simply would rather that BMW won’t damage itself in the process.

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