i3 Set For A Bright Future i Series

The I Series is looking to set a good record for this year, particularly with the new BMW i3 and the i8 hybrid sports car seeing sales of over 27,000 units to a global customer base. As such, it’s easy to see that the i3 is looking like it will become a household name in a few shakes and BMW is going to see some major sale rise with this wonderful vehicle. At least, this is what we can take away from how the mainstream adoption progress is going.

Recently, we learned that the i3 was initially seen as a secondary vehicle that will be used by families who already have their main means of transport on hand. As such, the i3 electric car was just option number two when it began. As the months passed though, this vehicle easily overcame that barrier which makes it the main choice for a lot of families now. This is mostly because of the size of the vehicle and how fun it drives, with its enjoyable appearance and its feature of being emission-free. Those are qualities that are big among consumers these days.

There have also been reports, though unofficial in nature, that indicate that the range extender of the vehicle is not being used very often. This makes the aspect of the vehicle follow the role that it was meant to play which is just to be there if needed. For example, if families go on a road trip that takes them way out of range, they can use the feature to remain connected.

In addition to the fact that with miles and miles of potential driving distance to cover with this vehicle with minimal recharging necessity depending on your own way of driving, there are also plenty of attractive deals that make the i3 more than just commodity. Right now, with the pace technology is taking and the direction it is going, fewer and fewer people can afford to ignore the many advantages that such a vehicle can provide, including the range extender.

For those who are living in areas where ease of maneuvering can be an issue, the i3 is also a perfect option. You will find that it can navigate through traffic, rough roads and potholes if you need to and that when it comes to giving you control, the i3 does not disappoint. Of course, these are based off reports from consumers and other reviewers.

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