i8 Takes Car Design To The Next Level i Series

When it comes to vehicles, you really have to give credit where credit is due, and this time, credit goes to the designers of the BMW i8. This massively successful model has taken the world by storm and has changed the way people thought about hybrid vehicles. Sure, we might have some issues when it comes to making all of the BMW lineup fully electric, but right now, we can enjoy the success that this Bimmer is getting

The chief designer of the i8 is Benoit Jacob and said, “My personal conviction is that there is no good design if there are no good constraints.”

This is a reference to the challenging task of making the i8 a driving phenomenon while also making sure that it succeeds at what it was aiming to be. That is to say, the vehicle had to have all of the things that BMW is known for such as comfort, speed, quality of the build and an unmistakable luxury feel, while also being efficient. In terms of all of this, the i8 is perfect.

“Cars have made huge steps in terms of quality, appearance, safety and performance,” said Jacob, “It’s a perfect model, which is very hard to formally evolve.”

By their very nature, hybrids change the design of their conventional counterparts because of the necessary changes in space and structure to accommodate batteries and electric motors. In the case of the i8, we have a hybrid that had to be lightweight, fast and efficient as heck, making it more challenging. Jacob did not shy away from the task though and he decided to go against the grain. The result is he i8.

As to why Jacob even took on such a job, he said, “We could’ve said “let’s leave it up to a city car or a family car” but we wanted to claim a very strong BMW statement by saying, “No, we’ll still deliver a car for sheer driving pleasure and reinvent it in a way or define it in a new manner, giving sheer driving pleasure a new interpretation.”

Looking at the success that the BMW i8 is enjoying now, it’s safe to say that Jacob and his team managed to do what they set out to do. Now, the world has a new model to base on so that boundaries can be pushed even further.

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