Japan Gets BMW 340i For Anniversary 3 Series

There are a number of things that Japan has going for it. It’s got a booming economy, an amazing culture, good people and is known for some of the most promising technological innovations in the last few decades.

Well, now Japan has another thing that will be totally working for them and that is its launch of the BMW 340i 40th Anniversary Edition car for their BMW Japan branch. The models will only number on the 20 units and are meant to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the BMW 3 Series.

This should give BMW enthusiasts something to chew on as the limited edition models certainly do have a significant amount of appeal to them, particularly for those who like their cars on the rare side. Even considering that the regular 3 Series models are pretty much on a tier above most vehicles to begin with, there’s something extra special about having one that only a few others have.

For some background, it was back in 1975 that the first of the 3 Series models was launched by BMW. Since then, the lineup has been the most impactful and appealing vehicles that BMW has to offer, even now that there is a ton of competition to think about.

Among the things that really stood out about the 3 Series were the impeccable weight distribution that made for incredible handling, the gorgeous car design which attracted its fair share of admirers and the rear-wheel drive platform really made it a benchmark to aim for. The driver-oriented dash is also quite the advantageous feature, which makes this lineup a standard in the segment it belongs to.

So, let’s discuss what the BMW 340i 40th Anniversary Edition model will be able to offer. Firstly, the engine will be based on the straight-six-cylinder type of the BMW 340i M Sport which was just newly furnished. The model will have a BMW Individual Tanzanite Blue hue as well as 19-inch, M, light-alloy wheels. It will also come with satin-aluminum window trim and the usual black kidney grille. Then there’s the adaptive suspension as well as the lowering of the body, making this a performance package.

For the interior, this particular 340i will have black Dakota leather upholstery as well as a piano lacquer interior trim. Truly the kind of luxury that fits a limited edition vehicle. The audio system is that of Harman/Kardon. The HUD, heated front seats as well as the leather-covered dashboard can be included as well.

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