Making The BMW Z4 Competitive Again Z Series

With the release of the Mazda MX-5 came the outpouring of praise for the new car’s many features, making it seemingly the only roadster in the market hitting people’s pleasure spots. What happened to the BMW roadster? Is it still around? What does the future hold? Let’s find out.

Currently, the BMW Z4 is still in the running as a two-seater roadster but it is starting to lag behind in no small part because of its age. Let’s face it. This is one model that has been around for some time. More than that, it would appear that BMW and other companies aside from Mazda seem to be taking their roadsters way too seriously.

For example, the Mercedes SLK and the Z4 both have folding hardtops that are made of heavy metal. This makes the roadsters ungainly, slower and more expensive. Compare that to the exciting, blood-pumping action you get from the MX-5 or even the Porsche Boxster and it’s easy to see where the problem is.

In terms of sheer design input, a roadster should be something that drivers can enjoy. They don’t have to be overly practical because people can just go with other models for that. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The BMW Z4 is still an excellent set of wheels that will more than make any road bow to its whims. Unfortunately, the sales figures are not making this vehicle look too lucrative at the moment.

So, what needs to be done?

The first step to reviving the roadster line of BMW and giving it new life is to bring back the soft top. It’s lighter, looks more attractive and removes quite a bit of weight that limits how much you can do with this vehicle. Currently, prospective buyers are finding it difficult to justify getting the Z4 simply because it’s pricier than other brands but offers poorer performance in comparison.

Next, throw in BMW’s eDrive to give the roadster’s performance some added boost. Even with the 1.5L, Twin Power, 3-cylinder engine, the electric motor would improve power and speed. This will give customers plenty to rave about.

Last is to continue working with Toyota. The Japanese company is known for getting the most out of any technology and BMW already has plenty of that in place. Toyota could take the powertrains, suspensions and technology of BMW and simplify them. This will then make the Z4 much more of a competitor.

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