News about BMW related topics pop up on a daily basis, so there is no end to the flow of information about our favorite car company that you can browse through. Whether it’s how BMW came out on top as the reigning king of luxury vehicles again or how it was featured in one thing or another, you can get all of that here. Of course, there is also the matter of getting the kind of news that will affect your decision to get the vehicles that this company is selling. So those are the most important to feature.

You can find out if the economic climate is suitable to get the BMW Z Series for example, or if it would be preferable to go with the 3 Series instead. You can find out if there are better options in the horizon as well and so you would be better off waiting instead. The choice is yours. We only provide you with the information that you need.

3 Car You Should Check News

Which car should I buy? Are you looking for a new car, and thinking of a new BMW? We would like to suggest a couple cars we think are specials. But first, we would like to introduce ourselves as the 2 of the biggest BMW fans on this planets. But note, that does not suggest that we only like BMWs. The three cars we suggest...

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3 BMW Motorcycles Win Awards News

BMW and awards. Those are two words that go together so often that it’s almost expected. Even so, every victory by our favorite brand is something to celebrate simply because it means we have made the right choice. This time though, instead of cars, the awardees are motorcycles. Motorcyclist Magazine awarded three models from BMW Motorrad with their Model of the Year Awards for their...

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BMW Sales On The Rise News

BMW has always been at the top of the best-selling luxury car brands in the world and it would seem that this has been a very good year since their sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands have risen by 5.6% for July as compared to last year. For the whole year itself, a total of 1,272,953 vehicles were sold and delivered for the first...

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Self-Driving And BMW All Models / News

When it comes to the world of driving, BMW has always maintained a strong position at the top. Their slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” has certainly resonated with many of their most successful vehicles. Of course, there were times when the company would slip and the quality of their products would drop a bit, but it was never more than a minor hiccup until. We...

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BMW Founder Widow Dies At 89 News

We Bimmers have a lot to be thankful for to Herbert Quandt without whom our favorite car company would not have existed. He was a remarkable man who lived a remarkable life. However, one person whom not many of us really know and appreciate (mostly because she preferred to stay out of the limelight) is the widow of Herbert Quandt, Johanna Quandt. Johanna Quant is...

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BMW Building Wheelchairs For Paralympics News

BMW is slated to build new wheelchairs for the Paralympic Games that will be heldin Rio de Janeiro next summer. These wheelchairs will be used by US athletes and they will be made of carbon fiber according to Trudy Hardy, the VP of marketing for BMW North America. Along with the changes in the chassis, BMW is also committed to using the company’s “signature aerodynamics...

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Nokia HERE Deal Finalized News

Last time, we talked about the possibility of Nokia HERE maps being used in BMW cars, as well as those of other German car companies. There were many obstacles blocking the way and it took months for the negotiations to be finalized but now, it is official. The German consortium which includes BMW, Daimler as well as Volkswagen will be using HERE Maps after Nokia...

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BMW Could Have Nokia Mapping Features All Models / News

The mapping features of a car are important for several reasons. One is to give you great navigation control, another is for self-driving cars to have a better awareness to their surroundings. Well, it would seem that BMW, Audi and Mercedes are thinking about using Nokia Mapping for that purpose. The deal was supposedly struck at $2.7 billion, beating out Silicon Valley bidders, though it...

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Munich Now Has Hydrogen Station News

If you have a fuel cell-powered vehicle, you can now drive from southern Germany, all the way to Italy’s Lake Garda. This is because of the opening of a hydrogen station in Detmoldstrasse in Munich. This completes the South Cluster of the project of the European HyFIVE. This cluster extends from Stuttgarrt to Bolsanno. Matthias Klietz, head of Research Powertrain at the BMW Group, sums...

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Homage To The Batmobile News

BMW recently showcased their 3.0 CSL Hommage in Italy at the Concorso D’Eleganza which was an event that was held at the Villa d’Este. The CSL Hommage, as you might have already guessed, pays homage to the classic 3.0 CSL which was a legendary endurance race car by BMW that was also known as the Batmobile “Our Hommage cars not only demonstrate how proud we...

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