No To Fully Electric BMWs For Now All Models / News

Many car makers are now following the growing trend of creating electric cars for their main vehicle lines, and so it’s only natural if BMW follows suit with their fully electric cars, right? Not so fast.

Now, current predictions suggest that the majority of cars in the next few decades will be fully electric, which is only to be expected based on how things are moving for the auto industry. Still, we have misgivings about any move by BMW to make their cars fully electric, at least for now.

  1. Base Audience

As a luxury line, the main demographic that BMW targets are those in the 35-50 year old range, most of which are male. These fine people are loyal precisely because they can count on BMW to give them comfort. If they have to be anxious about how far they can go, how accessible their vehicles are due to charging time and the technology that goes with the vehicle, their misgivings will impact sales in a negative way.

  1. Charging Stations

Gas stations are everywhere. This doesn’t even need to be mentioned. You could even find one in the most remote backwoods in the world! That’s how prolific gas stations are. The reason this is worth bringing up though is when compared to charging stations, the numbers are terrible imbalanced.

For us Bimmers, it’s all about hitting the road, enjoying the ride and feeling the excitement borne of our ability to blaze through speed limits. There’s nothing more effective at intruding in our fun than the thought that you might not make it to your destination because there won’t be a charging station for miles.

  1. Limited Range

We’ve already touched on how charging stations are far too few to make fully electric BMWs appealing to the main demographic. This is further compounded by the fact that us Bimmers hate having to stop driving for anything, even to refuel. So how fun is a car going to be if it forces us to stop too often in order to charge it which lasts too long?

  1. Speed and Power

To be fair, there are already powerful and fast cars in the fully electric category. Take the Model S P85D for example. However, this comes with the price of an incredibly expensive vehicle which still can’t keep up with traditional, combustion engine vehicles.

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