BMW Building Wheelchairs For Paralympics News

BMW is slated to build new wheelchairs for the Paralympic Games that will be heldin Rio de Janeiro next summer. These wheelchairs will be used by US athletes and they will be made of carbon fiber according to Trudy Hardy, the VP of marketing for BMW North America. Along with the changes in the chassis, BMW is also committed to using the company’s “signature aerodynamics...

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BMW Tests New Idea For EV Charging i Series

Right now, only up to 0.4% of vehicles are electric vehicles in the U.S., but BMW is still pushing for a means of letting those who purchased EV vehicles get the most out of their BMW i3. They are doing this through their i ChargeForward program that they are proposing which will last for 18 months. The idea is simple. They will ask owners of...

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BMW To Produce More Electric Cars? i Series

We have already outlined the reasons for why it would not be a good idea for BMW to go completely electric with their wonderful cars before, and we still stand by all of those points as they pertain in the present conditions of the car market. Those things still have not changed, so the reasons for why it would be best to hold off on...

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Nokia HERE Deal Finalized News

Last time, we talked about the possibility of Nokia HERE maps being used in BMW cars, as well as those of other German car companies. There were many obstacles blocking the way and it took months for the negotiations to be finalized but now, it is official. The German consortium which includes BMW, Daimler as well as Volkswagen will be using HERE Maps after Nokia...

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BMW Is Third In JD Power’s APEAL Study All Models

When it comes to marketing vehicles, having the backing of prestigious awards allow for an easier time of convincing people that your model is worth buying. You would think that BMW doesn’t need this because…let’s face it, it’s BMW. Who doesn’t want a BMW? Still, there is something to be said about the company having a high rank in things like the JD Power’s APEAL...

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Underappreciated BMW Models 5 Series / X Series

Though it might sound rather far-fetched, there are actually BMW models that are quite underappreciated. We, as Bimmers, like our BMWs a lot. A LOT. However, it’s also a fact that in every great lineup with so many awesome vehicles to choose from, there will be those that receive less attention than others. Just take the BMW X3 for example which is one of the...

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