BMW Could Have Nokia Mapping Features All Models / News

The mapping features of a car are important for several reasons. One is to give you great navigation control, another is for self-driving cars to have a better awareness to their surroundings. Well, it would seem that BMW, Audi and Mercedes are thinking about using Nokia Mapping for that purpose. The deal was supposedly struck at $2.7 billion, beating out Silicon Valley bidders, though it...

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Top 5 BMW Technology All Models

Us Bimmers are more than aware that our brand of choice is full of incredible technological awesomeness. However, what exactly are the technological advantages that BMW can offer that really makes the company stand out? Here are the top 5. Surround View Cameras Parking can be difficult, which is why built-in parking cameras are awesome. What BMW offers though is a surround view camera system...

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Munich Now Has Hydrogen Station News

If you have a fuel cell-powered vehicle, you can now drive from southern Germany, all the way to Italy’s Lake Garda. This is because of the opening of a hydrogen station in Detmoldstrasse in Munich. This completes the South Cluster of the project of the European HyFIVE. This cluster extends from Stuttgarrt to Bolsanno. Matthias Klietz, head of Research Powertrain at the BMW Group, sums...

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BMW M4 Gets A Boost M Series

You know how, when you get something really special, somebody goes ahead and makes it even more special? Yeah, that’s what happened recently to a BMW M4 Coupe DTM Champion Edition. The vehicle itself is already something that practically anyone can envy, simply because of how rare it is, but when you tune it up to make it something truly one of a kind, that’s...

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Twin-Turbo V8 For BMW, Audi And Mercedes-Benz Tuning

BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have twin-turbo V8 engines of their own which they have placed in their performance models. These engines, models and companies have their own special attributes though and these are what we will be looking into today. Audi 4.0L, TFSI Twin-Turbo V8 First, we’ll look at the V8 offering of Audi. The company has placed the 4.0L, TFSI, Twin-Turbo V8 in such...

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BMW M4 Against The ATS-V And RC F M Series

When it comes to the Auto World, it’s inevitable that cars would go head to head, particularly when we look at how some of these vehicles are touted as the best in their class. Sometimes, the companies themselves volunteer to test their vehicles against those from other companies. While most of the time, it is other parties that choose to run these models against each...

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