BMW Best In Luxury Class Cars? All Models

BMW owns Rolls Royce, making the Bavarian company the proud provider of some of the best luxury cars in the world in several fronts. Naturally, other car makers have their own branch luxury brands with Audi’s Bentley and Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach as some examples. Mercedes also owns a part of Aston Martin, and the relevance of that will be clear in a bit. For reasons you’ll...

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BMW i8 And Hydrogen Technology i Series

In this day and age, efficiency and environmental awareness has become a theme that is becoming impossible to ignore. This is particularly true when it comes to cars since consumers want to save on gas expenses while still keeping the awesome performance and handling. As such, not even BMW is immune to the lure of such a tempting market if ever there does become one....

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Yet Another Competitor With The A4 3 Series

Now, we know that this is a site that focuses largely on BMW cars and we will continue to talk about the newest developments that Bimmers all over the world will enjoy. However, part of giving you the news on our beloved car company is reporting on their competitors. This time, we have the 2017 Audi A4 which is still in the works but already...

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i3 Set For A Bright Future i Series

The I Series is looking to set a good record for this year, particularly with the new BMW i3 and the i8 hybrid sports car seeing sales of over 27,000 units to a global customer base. As such, it’s easy to see that the i3 is looking like it will become a household name in a few shakes and BMW is going to see some...

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BMW 2 Series Convertible VS Audi A3 Cabriolet 2 Series

Yet again, we have another topic about a BMW model going up against a competitor in the same category. This time, we have the BMW 2 Series Convertible which was tested against the Audi A3 Cabriolet by AutoExpress UK to see how they compared. The result? Keep reading the find out. For the specs, both the A3 and 2 Series convertibles are actually pretty similar,...

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BMW MINI Set To Get An Upgrade News

The MINI brand of BMW is set to get a realignment of its strategy and product. This was explained by Peter Schwarzenbauer during the premiere of the new MINI Clubman in Berlin. For those who don’t know, Schwarzenbauer is a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG. He states that, “Since its creation in 1959, the MINI brand has always stood for ideas,...

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