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When it comes to the world of driving, BMW has always maintained a strong position at the top. Their slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” has certainly resonated with many of their most successful vehicles. Of course, there were times when the company would slip and the quality of their products would drop a bit, but it was never more than a minor hiccup until.

We also can’t deny that with the recent advancements in driving technology, BMW has been a little finicky when it comes to delivering the goods even though the standard is still certainly quite high up there. Taking features like electric power-steering for example, as well as damping modes that you can adjust on the fly, variable ration steering racks and even the adaptive cruise control have made driving almost like an impersonal thing.

Sure, it makes driving easy and it seems that the vehicle is doing all the driving for you, but that’s not what many of us want from BMW. We want a relationship, a partnership that makes us feel like we are truly connected with the vehicle and what we can do matters in terms of bringing out the best results.

Now that we are entering the phase of self-driving cars though, what will happen to our favorite brand? This not exactly helping in terms of getting the Ultimate Driving Machine slogan out there. It might be more appropriate to change it into the Ultimate Self-Driving Machine if this is going to be the case.

To put things in perspective, the motto of BMW of making their vehicles the Ultimate Driving Machine is in reference to the need of the drivers that they and their cars make the driving what it is. If you take away the driver from the equation in any capacity, it stops becoming the Ultimate Driving experience and just becomes the Ultimate Riding experience.

Instead of being truly immersed in the BMW driving experience, now people are more interested in checking their Facebook updates, looking at messages with their iDrive screen or Skyping with people. Heck, even changing the volume is now a matter of just waving your hand in the air instead of fiddling with the toggles.

If even the time comes when autonomous driving is the only option available for every brand, BMW might as well come out and say that their Ultimate Driving Machine motto refers more to the car minus the driver altogether. At least we’d know where we’ll be standing then.

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