Top 5 BMW Technology All Models

Us Bimmers are more than aware that our brand of choice is full of incredible technological awesomeness. However, what exactly are the technological advantages that BMW can offer that really makes the company stand out? Here are the top 5.

Surround View Cameras

Parking can be difficult, which is why built-in parking cameras are awesome. What BMW offers though is a surround view camera system that makes parking so much easier, particularly with the sensors that also come with these cars. With your total surroundings right on display on your navigation screen, you could even fit into the tightest of parking spaces.


HUDs or Heads-Up Displays have been used for years, but they are awesome because they basically make actual gauges unnecessary. You can see your speed, your gear, your RPM and even the speed limit of the area you are in.

Night Vision

When driving at night, you have your headlights to help you navigate darker areas. However with night vision feature of BMW cars, you can see as far as 900 feet ahead even during the darkest of nights. Animals and obstacles are highlighted as well, so driving is so much easier.

Laser Headlights

Most headlights are LED and some have bi-xenon features, but BMW vehicles offer laser headlights. They are so much brighter, so much denser and can cut right through the darkest nights without a problem. The only problem here is that not every country has access to such lights yet, so those people will have to deal with waiting for a while. Finally, laser headlights simply look so much cooler and that makes them a must have for us Bimmers.

Gesture Control

Being able to control your vehicle without having to push a button might seem like magic, but it is actually quite real. With the G11 BMW 7 Series for example, you have the only vehicle to have such a feature in the market. This helps you in a lot of ways, mostly to make sure that you can maintain focus on the road without having to search for the right buttons. We all know how annoying it is to keep driving while also trying to change channels or find the right route through your navigation screen can be. This saves you a lot of trouble and will definitely be a part of the future in a matter of time.

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