Yet Another Competitor With The A4 3 Series

Now, we know that this is a site that focuses largely on BMW cars and we will continue to talk about the newest developments that Bimmers all over the world will enjoy. However, part of giving you the news on our beloved car company is reporting on their competitors. This time, we have the 2017 Audi A4 which is still in the works but already presents a rather imposing competition for the 3 Series.

Lighter and more agile, the A4 is set to have materials like aluminum and magnesium as a lot of what makes up the model. These include the transmission components, rear seat structure, subframes and suspension components.

The coming A4 models will also offer 2.0L, turbocharged, 4-cylinder engines. These will come in 190 horsepower and 252 horsepower.

As for its exterior features, the next A4 will not be moving away from its current version, thus reducing the risk of alienating fans of the model. On that note, many have said that this choice is overly safe and that more risks might be appropriate. Still, there have been noticeable changes in that the next version will be more aggressive and more compact.

For the interior, you get air vents, aluminum dials that are touch-sensitive and tasteful wood trims. In terms of simplicity, the Germans excel at making it elegant.

To recap, the coming A4 will be playing it safe when it comes to the exterior which could be a good or bad thing depending on how it will be recieved. When it comes to the interior though, the model is seen as a potential giant in the future market.

When it comes to the engines and chassis, the A4 is also coming up strong. Many are already considering it one of the strongest contenders in its segment. On that note, it does lack a bit in the power department, particularly when you compare it with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class.

This is not yet a set race though since the 2017 A4 has not yet hit the road, nor has the future BMW models in the same segment, which is of course the 3 Series. It will only be until then that we’ll know which is better.

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